A Grand Day Out

March 31, 2008

The other morning, I had a severe case of cabin fever, and decided I had to get Adgie and I out of the house. Not just anywhere out of the house, but I had a particular itch to go swimming. You see, last summer all of Utah’s public swimming pools banned all “diaper-dependant folk” because of a “Crypto” outbreak. The ban was recently lifted, Utah’s pool water is “crypto” free, and when I have an opportunity to take advantage of a cheap, toddler-friendly activity, that does not involve being at home, I am all over it.

Adgie loves playing in water, so I was surprised when he said he didn’t want to go swimming. He’d rather watch TV, he said. So, I spent the next ten minutes trying to convince him to come swimming, during which he repeatedly claimed that he’d rather watch TV. This was frustrating because I KNOW that he’d have much more fun at the pool than watching the current show on TV (which happened to be the most boring preschool show ever, “Max and Ruby”.) Eventually, I give up on trying to convince him, simply scooped him and our swimming gear up, buckled him into the car, and start driving to the pool.

The closest, indoor, toddler-friendly pool I know of is 20 miles away, so for the half hour drive there, I hear Adgie wailing:
“No swimming! No swimming! No swimming!”Over and over and over again.

When we arrived at the pool, Adgie finally stopped crying. He recognized the building from last year, and like a mini Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll, he suddenly became very happy and excited.

“Swimming! Swimming! Swimming!” He squealed.

I got him out of the car, and went to grab our swimming gear (our swim suits, towels and Adgie’s swim diaper.)

I couldn’t find any of it.

That was very odd, because I distinctly remembered taking the swimming gear out to the car. I checked every nook and cranny of my car several times and it was still nowhere to be found. Then I remembered the last place I saw it: in order to free up my hands so I could buckle Adgie in before we left, I had placed the pile of swimming stuff on top of the car.

Oh crap.

I hurriedly put Adgie back in the car and started driving back towards my house. This of course greatly upset him, as he had just barely decided that he did indeed want to go swimming.

“Swimming! Swimming! Swimming!” He cried the entire way back.

As I drove, I surveyed the road, looking for our stuff. Of course, I had no idea where it would actually be, or if I would be able to find it, but I figured it would have fallen off the car very close to where I had began the drive.

I am happy to announce that I did find all of our belongings, but not in the nice little pile in our apartment’s parking lot that I imagined. No, it was scattered about the middle of a busy highway. When I spotted it, I pulled over and had to watch out for fifty mile an hour traffic while I gathered up two towels, two swimming suits and a swim diaper. I ran back to our car, quickly brushed everything off, and started the 30 minute drive back to the swimming pool. I was going swimming today, dammit.

When we arrived at the swimming pool for the second time, I realized we only had one hour left to swim before I needed to be back to pick up DH (oh, the joys of sharing a car). I rushed in, we changed into our swimming suits and we climbed into the pool. As Adgie giggled and splashed around in the water, I sat back and enjoyed the warm, relaxing water. That’s about when I looked down at my swimsuit and noticed the large, black tire track going across my left boob.

Oh well. What mattered was that we were finally swimming, and neither of us could be happier about it.


5 Responses to “A Grand Day Out”

  1. Summer said

    ROFLMBO!!! Oh my gosh! Tire track across your boob?!? Oh Michelle. Why do these things happen to you? 🙂

  2. Cristy said

    Hahaha, tire mark on your boob…Perfect comedic timing! Sooooo something that would have happened to me. Glad for once it wasn’t! By the way, did they really lift the swimming ban!? Thanks Buddha!

  3. Meisha said

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who does stuff like that. Yes the ban is lfted, though I’m not positive that ALL swimming pools are letting toddlers in. I know that Lehi Aquatic Center is, because that’s where we went. It’s a fun pool for kids, too.

  4. mckenna said

    I’m laughing my butt off right now because this would SO happen to me. Except I’m way more lazy than you are. I would have seen my crap in the street and went “well that SUCKS!” and then driven home to be pissed about it for an hour.

  5. loni said

    LOL, tire tracks! Missis does that to me sometimes too, the whole “No I don’t want to go to the park” When you know darn well she really does, but just doesn’t know it yet. Sometimes if i say “Fine we won’t go to the park” she quickly changes her mind and decides she wants to go, but other times if I say that she is satisfied that she is getting her way. ugh.

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