Ummm… hi, again?

September 19, 2008

So, ummm… hi, again. It’ s been a little while since I’ve been around here, heh, heh, heh. *sound of crickets chirping* It’s a bit embarrassing. Hopefully one day I’ll grow up and be a responsible blogger. *sigh*

So, to catch up, since I last posted an entry:  we moved to Florida, I found out I’m pregnant (I’m 5 months along, now), and on a pregnancy hormoned fueled whim; I gave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches another chance after not having one for over 10 years. They’re still gross.


6 Responses to “Ummm… hi, again?”

  1. Summer said

    Michelle! I’ve been waiting for you! Come back regularly eh?

  2. loni said

    LOL, still gross huh. Wait, why did you eat one ten years ago? Were you checking to see if they were still gross then too? Awesome picture.

  3. kenna said

    Yay, you’re back!

    Um, Florida? I guess we won’t do lunch then. Hehe.

    Congrats on baby! Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Cristy said


    Florida?! Pregnant?! Congrats! Congrats!

    Hey, sounds like you’ve two very good reasons to have been very busy and not blogging. I”m 8 months pregnant, too bad we couldn’t be comiserating all this time together! Or congratulating… Hope you are feeling alright and staying out of that Florida heat! (I grew up in Houston Texas so know how it is!)

  5. Wendy said

    you’re back! How cool is that! I can’t believe florida. Why are you there? School. We are getting ready to move again. ugh.

  6. Meisha said

    We’ll still do lunch! Just maybe not right away… I’ll find a way.

    Congratulations (8 months late)!! Now I’m sad we couldn’t have been comiserating for all this time. Oh well, we can still comiserate during recovery, late night feedings and all the other fun that comes with our bundles of joy. We stopped off in Houston on the way here, and it feels exactly the same. Glad I have someone who can sympathize. Luckily I’m due in February, so it might actually be better temperature wise, here, than in Utah for the third trimester 🙂

    Yeah, I can’t believe it, either! Yeah, we’re here for school. Why are you moving again so soon?! Ugh, moving is so exhausting.

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