Deep Conversations with a Three Year Old

October 23, 2008

A conversation my DH, Adgie and I had yesterday:

Adgie: “Daddy, I got an owie!”

DH: *inspects little scratch on Adgie’s leg* “Oh no, what happened?”

Michelle: “He scraped his leg against an strangely sharp screw head that was on the underside of the table.”

DH: *still inspecting Adgie’s scratch* “Oh no! You got scratched by a screw?”

Adgie: “Yeah Daddy, I got screwed!”


3 Responses to “Deep Conversations with a Three Year Old”

  1. Summer said


  2. Cristy said

    HAHAHA! Awesome!

  3. loni said

    Lol, I love the picture too!

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